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Prepare Basic Breads
This course is developed based on WSQ material on the competency standard for the Food and Beverage (Operations) industry. On completion of this competency unit, the participant will have the knowledge, skills and attributes (values) acquired and be able to apply them at various workplaces.
· Function of Wheat Flour & Process of Flour Milling
· Introduction to Bakers calculation and Local factor formulation
 · Introduction to the tools & equipment used
 · Introductions to French Bread & Dinner Rolls
 · Prepare Sandwich & Open Top Bread, Rolls (soft/hard), Baguette and cob
 · Bakers ingredients calculation
 · Functions of ingredients
 · Introduction to processes
 * Prepare for bread making
 * Prepare dough 
* Shape dough for desired products 
* Proof and bake bread 
At the end of the module, Learners are required to complete a total of 3hrs of summative assessment, comprising Practical Performance and Oral Questioning.
Participants must achieve at least 75% attendance in order to sit for the assessment.
What qualification will be granted?
Participants who are competent will be awarded a Statement of Attainment (SOA) issued by Singapore Workforce Development Agency for the WSQ competency unit “Prepare Basic Bread”.
Full Time: 8hrs per day x 4 days
Part-time: 4hrs per day x 8 days
Who will benefit ?
Trainee Bakers, Pastry Chefs, Food Restaurateurs, Supermarkets chains, Entrepreneurs and baking enthusiasts.
Emphasis on hands-on training to equip learner with competent relevant skills at the workplace
  • Primary PSLE
  • Must be able to speak, read and write in English and possess a minimum qualification of Employability Skills (ES)
  • WSQ Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 4 (Lower Secondary)
Payment can be made by cash, NETS, Credit Cards, Internet Banking, bank draft, telegraphic transfers or Cashier's Order. All cheque payments should be crossed "A/C Payee Only" and made payable to Baking Industry Training College Pte Ltd. Please write the learner's name and class code behind the cheque, bank draft or Cashier's Order. In addition, learner is liable for any bank charges incurred.
Learner can purchase Prima Flour and bakery premixes at staff price.
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