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Certificate in Wedding Cake Decoration



The wedding cake decoration course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to do fine sugar craft work such as delicate sugar lace pieces, pipe embroidery, filigree work, flounce and frills. Participants are also taught extension work to produce an elegant 3-tiered wedding cake.
You will be assessed on your undertaken practical project competent performance of tasks performed.
·         Produce well-covered cake broads, complete with cleats. 
·         Produce a spray of flowers or flood work design for the wedding cake using cutters or modelling tools, wires or florist tape as appropriate.
·         Decorate the sides of the cake using drop-line piping, extension or bridgework, flounce and frills.
·         Construct a 3-tiered wedding cake using suitable cake-structure designs, position of pillars and basic styles of arrangement.
·         Observe safety and sound hygiene principles as they apply to cake decoration. 
7 days (0.5 month) [7 hours per lesson]
Monday to Friday (8:30am to 4:30pm)
Practical Learning Activity
49 hours of practical sessions
7 weeks (2 months) [7 hours per week]
Once a week (8:30am to 4:30pm); or
Twice a week (6:30pm to 10:00pm)
Practical Learning Activity
49 hours of practical sessions
CERTIFICATE Certificate of Attainment 
Upon successful completion of the Course,learners must meet the below minimum requirements for Certificate to be awarded.
1.Learners must achieve at least 75% attendance and successfully pass practical upon which they will be awarded with Certificate in Wedding Cake Decoration issued by Baking Industry Training College.
·         Minimum 16 years; and
Academic Level: 
·         Minimum Secondary 2 Level; and
·         Certificate in Cake Decoration or Any Other Equivalent Qualifications & Relevant Experience deemed as equivalent by Baking Industry Training College (Subject to Approval by Academic Board) Interview may be required if applicant does not meet the relevant entry requirement
Language Proficiency:
English at Secondary 2 “or” Other Qualifications deemed as equivalent by Baking Industry Training College (Subject to Approval by Academic Board) 
Payment can be made by cash, NETS, Credit Cards, Internet Banking, bank draft, telegraphic transfers or Cashier's Order. All cheque payments should be crossed "A/C Payee Only" and made payable to Baking Industry Training College Pte Ltd. Please write the learner's name and class code behind the cheque, bank draft or Cashier's Order. In addition, learner is liable for any bank charges incurred.
Registered PEI: Baking Industry Training College
CPE Registration No.: 201020944E
Registration Period: 7 March 2017 to 6 March 2021
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