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Entrepreneurial Baking

 Course Objective

The course is designed to provide course participants with an effective entrepreneurial and innovative baking concepts.
Enhanced and refine your baking skills that will enable you to generate bakery sales on a personalized touch .


Desired Learning Outcome

At the end of the intensive program, all participants would have acquired fine application craftsman skills, practical hands - on knowledge and the burning desire to set - up or bakeries to be sold  on - line or in a new set -up and workplace.
Participants hands - on,  innovate in their baking skills. Participants will have the confidence  raised after acquiring the concepts and techniques.


Programme Content

Practical Workshop

· Introduction to the tools & equipment used

· Key functions of baking ingredients

· Bread making : Flower Pot Bread, Sun Dried Tomato loaf

· Cake making : Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, Carrot Cheese Fudge

· French style Croquembouche (caramel glazed cream puffs),  Range of macaroons, Churros  and


· Practical Packing concepts and display

· Workshop production and presentation


Class Group Discussion


* Choosing a location, Types of equipment's, Handling Customer complaints, Communicating with




* Individual / or Team work Power point presentation 



Course Duration

Delivery mode

Full Time: 6 hrs per day x 8 days

Who will Benefit and should attend

Current and prospective entrepreneurs, Baking enthusiasts, Mid – career change, Life long learners, or better still anyone who is creative and  has an artistic flair and the passion for  innovate baking.


Modes of Instruction

Emphasis on hands -on training to equip participants  with competency based relevant skills, innovative baking techniques to apply in their businesses.


Entry Requirement

· Eligibility : Minimum 16 years old onwards
· Adult Learners with “N” level 


Upon successful completion of the Course, learners who has meet the 75% minimum attendance requirement will be awarded the Enrepreneurial Baking Certificate issued by Baking Industry Training College  


Registered PEI: Baking Industry Training College
CPE Registration No.: 201020944E
Registration Period: 7 March 2017 to 6 March 2021
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